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Late summer 1964, I arrived in Tucson, Arizona as a college freshman, University of Arizona.  I was introduced to a then sleepy desert town.  By 1969, I obtained my Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the U of A.  After a short return to the mid-west, I realized very quickly that the Sonoran Desert had ingrained itself in my heart, and Tucson would be my home.  I returned and devoted my energy toward a career in real estate, representing my "home town" to new arrivals.

Licensed real Estate Agent, 1973 

Associate Broker license, 1979 

Cetified Residential Specialist, CRS

Corporate Relocation Professional, CRP

Previews Property Specialist Designation 

I have been fortunate to be in front of change.

In 1986, I helped to change the "For Sale" sign forever.  My small company designed the "original Home Info Tube", providing "Walk-away" information, in flyer form, on the "for sale sign"!

The Home Info Tube was introduced  at a trade convention in New York City, 1986, and the sign was changed forever!

     My Career has been grounded on the determination to provide honest knowledge, and hard work for my clients.  

My training began in the College of Fine Arts at the University of Arizona.  In the theater, there is a saying:  "no small parts, only small actors".   Real estate, for me has been a continuation in the study of  "Fine Arts", there are no "small parts", only sometimes... a "small house".  Every home, no matter it's size is "Fine Art"!

It is my personal goal to recognize change within my industry. I hope to continue to grow and help my customers find and sell their "Fine Art".

Do you have any specific questions about my real estate services? I can help you buy or sell your home with a comprehensive strategy designed for you.